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Lovers of the great luxury apartment 125 m Bmtalat decorations and open a school and green space, and the elongation Laurent

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750500 EGP

Price / M2 = 6004 EGP

Address :

فهمى ويصا, سان استفانو, قسم الرمل, الاسكندرية, مصر

Listing ID: 1058
Added On: 01/10/2010
Property Type: Apartment For Sale
Floor: ---
Rooms: 3
Baths: 1
Size: 125
Year Built: 1992
Finish: ---
Seller Type: Agent
Listing Description:

Lovers of the great luxury apartment 125 m Bmtalat decorations and open a school and green space, and the elongation Laurent, rooms and reception are all on the main street and Tower 8 Mejrouhp roles only at an incredible Greetings Facility for you to picture the highest luxury apartment tower site in Alexandria, Laurent Street, only 8 floors between the tram and street Abu Qir 125 sqm highest area on the fifth floor Laurent Alawi is not another role, of course, the tower was created in 1992 Which is in excellent condition The apartment consists of reception a large scale can Arziath 3 pieces of parquet and screw the 3 luxury rooms and wide range of wood floors and Sweden luxurious bathroom and a large kitchen and a terrace and there is no any room skylights but rooms all overlooking the The main street and overlooks the reception on a school and the apartment is Mejrouhp totally overlooking the villas, gardens and green open spaces and the main bathroom has a kit of the most exquisite Chinese species of Ideal Standard and the owner of the apartment has done All items until finishes have been completed and all businesses have become a unique apartment located in the interior ceilings, walls and doors, all well "Cornices - Abalik - Rehat - Modern paints - wood cladding - Banohat Gypsum - bundles - a place to filter - Miraya door of the apartment. ....... Etc. "and the kitchen cabinets at the highest level and there Basbutat exchange, nutrition, electricity for washing machine and slots, which the apartment kitchen and bathroom are all the wire and flat iron to protect and complete the counters and paper flat sound 100% and enter the apartment The sun and the air all day they are on the elongation and has a distinctive waterfront western tribal and other interface His apartment has a comprehensive refurbishment of all the items, including electricity, plumbing and discussion ....... etc have become so flat you do not need anything and are ready for immediate housing and there is elevator service to the tower which is sufficient because the very role contains 2 Apartment only entrance to the tower and superb local marble, gypsum and the elite live in the tower and have them such as "Ask the neighbor before the house" and wanted the apartment only 620 000 pounds, and this price is a snapshot includes interior is a beautiful apartment Mejrouhp at all and upscale area, quiet and Bmtalat open a school and green space I have photographed the apartment, images and all Almtalat on the link and please wait a bit to load flash: or or on YouTube please open and enjoy the sound of music the good times, and if the flash does not work you must download Adobe Flash Player and runs on the computer from the following link: http://www. / and you will find all the apartments offered for sale or for rent which I have on the following link: to display and communication M. Sheriff Sami, 0127861074 [email protected]

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م. شريف سامى

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750500 EGP

Price / M2 = 6004 EGP

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