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For a great apartment in the very first Beauty 314 m Fouad Street, overlooking the Museum of Alexandria and the view of the sea

This listing has been "Deleted"

592800 EGP

Price / M2 = 1887 EGP

Address :

طريق الحرية, باب شرقي ووابور المياه, قسم باب شرقى, الاسكندرية, مصر

Listing ID: 948
Added On: 17/09/2010
Property Type: Apartment For Sale
Floor: ---
Rooms: 4
Baths: 4
Size: 314
Year Built: 2009
Finish: ---
Seller Type: Agent
Listing Description:

For a great apartment in the very first Beauty 314 m Fouad Street, overlooking the Museum of Alexandria and the view of the sea and the corner tower Bmtalat new luxury villas and palaces, gardens and a very attractive price Greetings facility for you to picture a luxury apartment first street Fouad, it directly overlooks the waterfalls and overlooking the Alexandria National Museum, as well as coordinated gardens overlooking the National School Bmlaabha distinct from the other side Valhqp occupies the corner of a very special role of the Ninth is not the role of another tower The role of all 13 licensed a new tower and the tower facade classical him fame and renown bestselling Alexandria A flat area of ​​314 meters which is about to receive a very large can at least 5 pieces and floors not yet installed in addition to 3 bedrooms, large kitchen in addition to the broad and the number of 3 bathrooms, including one room that the Master Room to change clothes and not only that, but there is also a nanny room with private bathroom suite and large kitchen extension educator, who has two doors and there as well as 3 large terraces and floors were made of porcelain and can deduct part of the reception Broad to be a fourth bedroom, especially since the floors have not yet installed Meaning that the apartment consists of reception 5 pieces and 4 rooms and dressing room, 4 bathrooms and 3 terraces and the role of one apartment and a major advantage because the apartment has all the features of the earth Valastkabbal for example a long rectangle with sides is a Interface for all on the street Fouad And bathrooms and the kitchen was the work of feeding and drainage pipes have not been installed after the ceramic was tension electricity wires and the distribution of abundance in all Albriz apartment wall so as to comply with all requirements of the techniques and modern technology such as headset Visual and Alaspotat Alabalik and shower, telephone and central Internet and air conditioning equipment and all of the apartment tower is the entrance to my hotel worthy of his palaces Cladding has the luxury of a marble, plaster, glass and lighting hidden interfere in harmony Given a sense of invocation There are security and intercom tower and the role consists of a flat and only served 2 Mitsubishi Elevator modern and fast which is now No. 1 in Egypt and there is parking down the tower and the owner of the apartment crying Garage ownership of a separate contract and the tower is located on the Street Fouad direct all vital roads near Alexandria and near the embassies, schools and banks in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the highest waterfalls in Alexandria and the apartment overlooking the corner and has a distinctive waterfront and enter any other Western The sun and the air all day and there is no room for any manipulator, a non-Mejrouhp never confronted the marine Fouad street about 20 meters, as well as the western facade of 17 m on the National School was the work of the health of the signing and entry into force to hold the apartment, the paper Apartment 100% sound and no system to extinguish the fire tower and great enough that the number of residents of the tower only 13, giving the privacy and promoted either Alalumital pays and embarrassed Elbe is one of the sectors S Dubl Glass anti-sound, noise and interface Tower classic Roman style tend to be wonderful And all the doors have been installed throats exhale only was the work of the stage Anakashp lining ceilings and walls of any apartment that is ready to put the mark of buy and taste of the raw materials required and desired by the apartment 2800000 pounds (two million And eight hundred thousand pounds only) any of about 9000 pounds, meters, a very cheap price for calm and sophistication and Almtalat enjoyed by the apartment I have photographed the apartment, images and all Almtalat on the link and please wait a bit to load Flash: or please open and enjoy the sound of music the good times, and if the flash does not work you must download Adobe Flash Player and runs on Computer from the following link and you will find all the apartments offered for sale or for rent which I have on the following link: to display and communication m . Sheriff Sami 0127861074
[email protected]

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م. شريف سامى

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592800 EGP

Price / M2 = 1887 EGP

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