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Buyer FAQ

General Questions:

What is Aqarmap ?

Aqarmap is a Real Estate Search Engine for the Middle East.

Can I buy or rent a property through Aqarmap?

Certainly, once you find the right property, you can communicate directly with the property’s owner via the phone number that is available on the listing page, or via the contact page which allows you to send a direct message to the owner. Also, you can comment on the property to ask questions or share your opinion about the property.

Are Aqarmap services paid or free?

Our services for buyers are completely free, and we do not take any commission on any transaction.


Why should I signup for an account?

Signing up with Aqarmap will allow you to communicate with the properties owners and comment on their properties.

How can I restore my password?

You can restore the password from the login page. Once the form is submitted, we will send the password to your email.

Search for Properties:

How can I use the Map to search for properties?

Aqarmap offers a unique perspective on searching for properties, unlike traditional websites where search is limited to keywords and users end up browsing pages and pages of listings; we built our intelligent search engine on the map. You can zoom in and out, move the map to the area that interests you and we will display the listings in that area only. Also, you can use the search menus to narrow down your search results and our map will display the listings that match your preferences instantly.

Why do some properties appear on the map while others are hidden?

When there are too many properties to display our system shows only the featured properties and the latest properties. Old properties show up as you zoom in the map further.

How can I contact the property owner?

You can contact the property owner via the displayed phone number, or by using our contact system which allows you to send emails directly to the owner.

How do I know if the property is for sale by the owner or a real estate agent?

We require each member to identify themselves is either the owner or an agent, and therefore the listing page should display the type of owner in the description area. does not guarantee the validity of the information because it is provided directly by the sellers.

How can I report listings with invalid or false information?

We ask all members to report any property that contains false or invalid information by clicking on the report to admin button in the listing page.

What is Aqarmap?

A Real Estate Search Engine that allows you to search thousands of properties and projects from Real Estate companies and private owners in Egypt. If you are interested in a specific property, simply email the seller or call the number by clicking on the call button.