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Seller FAQ

General Questions:

What is Aqarmap ?

Aqarmap is a Real Estate Search Engine for the Middle East.

Can I sell or rent my prosperities on Aqarmap?

Certainly, by simply adding your property on the map, you will be attracting many visitors who are seeking to buy or rent properties. They will be able to contact you directly in order to finish the transaction.

Are Aqarmap services paid or free?

We allow all sellers to list their properties for free. However, we also offer a premium service for those who want to differentiate their listings. Our premium service enable you to increase the visibility of your listings on the map, which will increase your traffic and the chances of closing a deal.


Why should I signup for an account?

Creating your account is free, and without it you cannot list your properties on our map. Sign up for an account now.

How can I restore my password?

You can restore the password from the login page. Once the form is submitted, we will send the password to your email.

Adding properties:

How can I add my property on the map?

After logging in to your account, you will be able to click on the Add a Listing button. The first thing you will have to do is highlight your property on the map; then you will be able to provide all the property details including price, pictures, and video.

How can I edit my listings?

Login to your account and you will see all your listings, click on the edit link on the listing you want to modify, and then make your changes. Please note, that if admin approval is required, once you edit a listing, it will be removed from the map until approved again by admin.

How can I add video to my listing?

You cannot upload video directly to AqarMap; however, you can upload your clips for free on, and then simply add the Youtube link to your listing.

Can I promote my listings for free?

Yes you can. We understand that some sellers do not want to spend any money on promoting their listings, and therefore we added a free promotional service. As a seller, you have your own map that shows your listings only. You can send this link to your clients, add it to your blog or website, or even make it part of your email or forum signature. Also, you can use the Share This button to share the link on social platforms such as Facebook and twitter. The more your share your link, the more you increase your chances of selling.

When will my listings expire?

The duration of your listing depends on the type of listing; free listings tend to expire really quickly, while premium listings offer a generous duration up to 4 months.

Premium promotional services:

How come my listing is not getting enough traffic? How can I promote it?

As the number of listings increase in your geographical area, the number of visitors will decrease due to competition. However, we offer premium promotional services that will enable you to beat the competition, increase your visibility, and drive more traffic and sales opportunities for your listings. Login to your account, and click on the promote link now. Beat the competition!

How does the system work? How do the listings get promoted on the map?

We have designed an innovative promotional service for our clients to maximize their return on investment and guarantee them with measurable results. As the number of listings increase on the map, we control the visibility of the listings to keep the map clean and simple. Basically, we only allow a few number of listings to show up at a time, and if there are too many available, the buyer has to zoom in or narrow down the search in order to see the listings. However, we grant promoted premium listings an exception, so we show them at higher zoom levels in order to better compete with free listings. This unique framework differentiates premium listings while giving the free listings a chance to be shown at a certain point.

What is Aqarmap?

A Real Estate Search Engine that allows you to search thousands of properties and projects from Real Estate companies and private owners in Egypt. If you are interested in a specific property, simply email the seller or call the number by clicking on the call button.